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Venue Rental

Clean, safe, air-conditioned, soundproof, and fully equipped. That is what our practice rooms and recital hall at Asia Music School have to offer. If you are looking to rent a space, we have many options available across our music schools. If you need a space to practise or teach your student, our practice rooms are the perfect space for you. For larger group practices, rehearsals or performances, we also have a recital hall available for rent. For more information on rates and availability, please contact us.


We know it can be hard to get a suitable venue for a small crowd. Our recital hall in our Parkway Parade branch is the perfect size for your group rehearsals, practices, performances, or even mini concerts. At 43m2, it comfortably seats 50 people. It comes fully equipped with a performance stage, sound system, a grand piano, and seats. 

Approximate Room Size: 43 m2 (463 sqft). 

Capacity: Maximum 50 pax. 


  • Grand Piano

  • Microphone & Speaker

  • Performance Stage

  • Hall Seats

Room Rate:

  • $160 / hour


Our Exam Practice Room is a more spacious option for you. This is great if you prefer a larger space for your piano class or practice. Maybe you are teaching two students in one class. Or maybe you just simply like having a larger room to practise in. You can also choose your preferred piano — we have three options available.

Approximate Room Size: 15 m2 (158 sqft)


  • Piano (different piano options)

  • Piano Chair

A La Carte Room Rates:

  • $60 / hour (Upright Piano)

  • $80 / hour (Upright Grand Piano)

  • $100 / hour (Grand Piano)


Our Basic Piano Practice Room is an affordable and great option for piano teachers and students. Every Basic Piano Practice Room comes equipped with a piano and piano chair. You can rent this room for your piano lessons or extra practices. Choose from our a la carte room rates or prepaid packages for a better deal!

Approximate Room Size: 8 m2 (86 sqft)


  • Piano

  • Piano Chair

A La Carte Room Rates:

  • $20 / half hour

  • $30 / hour

Prepaid Package Room Rates:

  • $200 / 16 half hour sessions (SAVE $120: $12.50 / half hour)

  • $400 / 18 hour sessions (SAVE $140: about $22 / hour)

  • $100 / hour (Grand Piano)

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