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Nikolaos Smyrnakis, an alumnus of the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, holds a Bachelor of Music (BMus Honours) and a Postgraduate Diploma in performance.


While actively engaged in performances encompassing solo and accompaniment with various instruments, ensembles, and choirs in Europe and Singapore, his primary focus lies in nurturing students' musicianship through a comprehensive approach that emphasizes both technical and musical development. With a profound understanding of all aspects of the instrument, ranging from Baroque to 20th-century and contemporary music, he strives to impart a holistic understanding to his students.


At the core of Nikolaos' teaching philosophy is the aim to make students self-reliant in their practice, encouraging them to reach for higher aspirations. He boasts extensive experience in preparing students of all levels for examinations with a remarkable 100% success rate. Additionally, he helps students prepare for university entry and participation in various international competitions.


As a versatile pianist, Nikolaos excels as a chamber music partner and an experienced piano accompanist. He remains committed to his own growth and continuous learning as a musician.

Nikolaos Smyrnakis

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